2014 Summer Reading Program @ the Woodridge Public Library
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About This Summer Reading Program

Welcome to the Woodridge Public Library’s 2014 Adult Summer Reading Program!

Our theme this year, Literary Elements, gives you an opportunity to read about science-—math and astronomy, for example, or gardening and minerals.

Log each book you read or listen to here. Each book is an entry in the weekly drawings.

What counts as a book? Just about anything, but there are some restrictions. Cookbooks do not count, and neither do how-to manuals, travel guides, textbooks, magazines, or children’s books. Any format works, though—books, audio books, or e-books.

Please count only books that you have checked out or downloaded from the Library and that you have read from June 2 through July 26.

Enter as many times as you like. The more you read the more chances you will have of winning a prize.

Patron Book Reviews

This was a great book, quickly paced for the most part and at times, a tense read. I would say that of the three books, Divergent was my favorite, then this one with book 2 being in last. The book did not take the necessary twists and turns that I was expecting, which is a good thing because it kept the outcomes successful.
Veronica Roth
This is one weird book. Sort of The Shining meets Glee for musicians with plots in two different years. A little tricky to follow because you don't know if a character is dreaming or if an event is actually occurring.
The Bellweather Rhapsody
Kate Racculia