2016 Summer Reading Program @ the Woodridge Public Library
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About This Summer Reading Program

For students entering grades 7-12 when school begins in August. You must have a Woodridge Library Card or be a student in District 68 or have just graduated a District 68 8th grade and have your card set up as a reciprocal borrower.

Write a review online or on paper for each J, YA or adult book that you read or finish between June 1 and July 30. A review tells about the setting, the characters, what happens, and your reasons for recommending or not recommending the book. Books must be at least 100 pages in length, appropriate for your reading level/age, and appear in the online catalog. One graphic novel is allowed. Post your review* online or place your paper copy in the entry box.

Each review will be a chance in the weekly raffles for gift cards. READ3 books to earn the king size candy bar. READ5 books to earn a $5 Cinemark or Starbucks gift card, a Classic Cinemas pass and your first ticket in the Grand Prize raffle. READ3 and READ5 incentives are awarded once each.

Keep reading. Starting with #5, every book read/reviewed gives you a chance in the Grand Prize ($50) drawings to be held on August 1.

Grand Prize drawing winners should be prepared to answer a question about the winning title.

READ3 prizes will be available starting June 15.
READ5 prizes will be available starting June 25.

Patron Book Reviews

I absolutely loved this book. Caspar Lee is a funny and caring YouTuber who has millions of fans/viewers. He has taught me so much in his videos. In this book that he and his mom wrote, shares Caspar's story from when he was born up until now. I learned so much about him in this book. I'm very proud of how much Caspar has succeeded. This book has many ups and downs of his and his family's journey. This book has brought me tears to my eyes and laughs. This book is one of my favorites that I have read. I would really recommend Caspar's book.  Library's SWAN Online Catalog
Caspar Lee
Caspar Lee and Emily Riordan Lee
This was a very good book and I'm glad I decided to read it despite it being a partially romance story. It has many comparisons as well as contrasting ideas from the movie, but I think the author was able to make the reader understand the story better through his words and development of each side of the ongoing conflicts. I would definitely read this book again.  Library's SWAN Online Catalog
The Longest Ride
Nicholas Sparks