2014 Summer Reading Program @ the Woodridge Public Library
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About This Summer Reading Program

Welcome to the Woodridge Public Library’s 2014 Adult Summer Reading Program!

Our theme this year, Literary Elements, gives you an opportunity to read about science-—math and astronomy, for example, or gardening and minerals.

Log each book you read or listen to here. Each book is an entry in the weekly drawings.

What counts as a book? Just about anything, but there are some restrictions. Cookbooks do not count, and neither do how-to manuals, travel guides, textbooks, magazines, or children’s books. Any format works, though—books, audio books, or e-books.

Please count only books that you have checked out or downloaded from the Library and that you have read from June 2 through July 26.

Enter as many times as you like. The more you read the more chances you will have of winning a prize.

Patron Book Reviews

Before she can Live Happily Ever After She has to survive the big day. This was a very enjoyable book to read. It has so many characters, the bride and groom and 7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen. Which they call the Bride VHM ( very high maintenance). They all give their story on how they met Allison and Mead and leads up to the wedding day. Then of course you have the parents of the bride who get divorced and the Father marries a trophy Wife. Mom is very unhappy.
The grooms parents seem pretty normal. They have the wedding in a fancy home called the Rosecourt. The price tag for the wedding is $200,000. Pretty much a fairy tale, or crazy.
But its cute how it all comes together, with everything going on even Anne who takes care of all the weddings is possibly going thru a divorce and tells her tale of the big day too.
How (Not) to Have A Perfect Wedding
Arliss Ryan
I like this story. A simple mind is so refreshing.
Patricia Wood